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Sherri Johnson Saturday, 10 MAR 2001
Looking for information on Waha's in Wadena county.

Chuck Penttila Thursday, 29 MAR 2001
I am searching for the descendants of Henry and Anna (RAINA or RAIHA) TAPIO. Henry died in 1932 and Anna in 1919--both in Menahga. They had seven children: Ida Josefina; Gustaf; Maria Mathilda; Mary or Hilda; Hannah Lena; John; and William. Hannah married Matt RAUTIO. Together they had a son, George, in 1921. George apparently had three sons: Clarence; John; and one other son. William and Ina Josephine (BIMBERG) TAPIO had four sons between 1921 and 1926. The include: Henry; Onnie; Eino; and Edwin. Henry and Sidney (LUOMA) TAPIO had a daughter, Beverly, in 1942. Onnie and Ethel (KINNUNEN) TAPIO had a daughter, Joyce, in 1950. Eino married Villary HESS. Edwin and Eileen (FLANAGAN) TAPIO had a son, Richard, in 1961. Please contact me if you have any information about these individuals or their descendants. Thank you.

Sue Team Wednesday, 28 MAR 2001
Seeking information about two sisters Anna Anderson (born: 1874) and Carolina Anderson (born: 1876) who came to America and Wadena County in 1882 with their parents Johannes and Carin Anderson. Who did the girls marry, did they stay in the area and are there any descendants? The rest of the family, except for brother Lars (born: 1880) went to Canada in 1905, but these three seem to have disappeared. Information on any of them would be greatly appreciated, They are cousins of mine and have cousins in Sweden who wonder where they went.

Dianna Stai Tuesday, 3 APR 2001
Looking for information on a baby boy born in the early 1940's. Not sure which year but do know it was before 1943. The mother was Gretchen Wendorf and the father was Paul M. Stai. Any help would be appreciated. This is my husband's half brother who he never knew about until recently. Thank you.

Rick Eckman Sunday, 15 APR 2001
Looking for information about Andrew Ekman who, in Minnesota Naturalization Index, gave the location Wadena. Looking for an emigrated person in my family line. Any information about Andrew is valuable to me for ruling him out as a link to follow--if he doesn't match my Andrew. Thank you.

Kate Lynn Friday, 4 MAY 2001
Seeking any information on Luther A. BICKFORD, his wife Anna L. (O'BRIEN) BICKFORD, and their daughter Lutie (Lutheria) A. (BICKFORD) FOOTE. Luther and Anna Bickford were my g-grandparents. They last resided in Verndale, Wadena Co., MN. Both Luther and Anna Bickford are buried in Verndale. Luther Bickford died 18 Nov 1912 probably in Verndale, MN; is there some way to find an obituary for him? Anna Bickford died 15 Jan 1913 in Verndale, MN. I have copy of Anna's obit from a book about Verndale. According to this obit Anna Bickford had a sister named Margaret "Miss Maggie" O'BRIEN who also lived in Verndale and Wadena Co. in the early 1900's. I am seeking info on the parents and sib- lings of both Luther A. BICKFORD and Anna (O'BRIEN) BICKFORD, and on place of death of Luther BICKFORD.

Lutie (BICKFORD) FOOTE was married (1st) to Lewis LeRoy FOOTE, son of Martin V. FOOTE. Martin V. FOOTE is also buried in Verndale, MN. Lutie FOOTE (my grandmother) died in 1971 in Minneapolis, MN and is buried in Racine, WI. She and Lewis FOOTE had one son, Lynol L. FOOTE who was the only known child of Lutie (BICKFORD) FOOTE. Lynol L. FOOTE married Eileen C. DOWLING in 1929 and they lived in Manganese and Crosby, MN until WW2. After the war they settled in Racine, WI.

They had four daughters, all living. Lutie FOOTE lived for a time in Staples, MN and possibly in Mission, MN. She remarried one or more times. Lewis L. FOOTE married (2nd) Fern Grimmer and settled in Manganese and finally Crosby, MN. They had two sons both living.

I can share much FOOTE info, but am at a dead end with Luther BICKFORD and Anna L. (O'BRIEN) BICKFORD. Any help on them would be greatly appreciated. Also any info on marriages of Lutie (BICKFORD) FOOTE, and any info on Margaret O'BRIEN. Thank you so much.

Neva Reynolds Hite Tuesday, 26 JUN 2001
Caleb Reynolds died at Wadena 05 July 1957. His wife Sarah (Sadie) died in 1943, do not have a month or day. I think she is also buried in Wadena area. They had adopted son, Carl, did he live in that area and did he have family? Death records show a Carl Reynolds deceased, is this their son? I do not find death record for Sarah (Sadie). I am a niece and am looking for additional information. If you can tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

"Unger" Tuesday, 3 JUL 2001
I am looking for any trace of AUGUST SEEHAWER who immigrated to Wadena from West Prussia in the late 1890's. I have a letter from him to his cousin, my g-grandfather, in 1897. He is known to have a daughter, MARGARET. Believed to have gone to Illinois and/or Ohio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brad Johnson Sunday, 29 JUL 2001
I am searching for descendants of Carl and Anna (Girmscheid) Schwartz and their son, John. Anna died on 29 June 1943. I am not sure when Carl died. John was then in Sebeka, and he was born about 1909. He appears not to have been married in 1943. Anna was buried at "Bluegrass Cemetery". Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you!

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